isDinersClub :: a → Boolean

Reports whether the received value is a valid credit card number and is a Diners Club card

import isDinersClub from 'deep-waters/credit-cards/isDinersClub';

isDinersClub(38716394960899); // Diners Club → true

isDinersClub(347190259623701); // American Express → false
isDinersClub(4286124395547263); // VISA → false
isDinersClub(6011583945260254); // Discover → false
isDinersClub(3528701379615495); // JCB → false
isDinersClub('6011-5839-4526-0254'); // Credit card format → false
isDinersClub("foo"); // → false
isDinersClub(undefined); // → false

Please note, isDinersClub assumes the receiving value is a number or a string without the usual dashes. It only evaluates the credit card number, not its format.

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