or :: [ Function ] → a → Boolean
Takes a list of validators
then returns a new function that receives a value
(of any type) and reports whether the
is valid for at least one of the previously defined
It is largely used within the library itself to evaluate or conditions:
import or from './or';
import isBigInt from './isBigInt';
import isString from './isString';
import isFunction from './isFunction';
import isBoolean from './isBoolean';
import isNumber from './isNumber';
import isSymbol from './isSymbol';
import isUndefined from './isUndefined';
import isNull from './isNull';
* Receives a value and reports whether it is a primitive of not
* @type {function(*=): boolean}
const isPrimitive = or(isString, isFunction, isBoolean, isNumber, isBigInt, isSymbol, isNull, isUndefined);
export default isPrimitive;